A safer investment with NBG

From our many years' experience in commercial building involving widely differing sizes and functionality, we know:
Optimal adaptation to the given location and infrastructure, an attractive mix of tenants and lessees, the right amount of space and feasible rent levels are only some of the factors that determine long-term earning power. And require complex know-how.

Thorough knowledge of the location and its environs and of regional development trends, comprehensive familiarity with local markets and cyclical forecasts, and experience in building and marketing commercial properties: on the basis of this competence, NBG offers the following services to suit your needs:

  • design and construction advice;
  • reliable calculation of construction costs;
  • detailed and flexible planning of properties;
  • dealing with the authorities involved;
  • complete handling, incl. coordination and monitoring of the planning of all the trades involved;
  • marketing and management;

One-stop competence. Cost-effective construction right on track. Then long-term earning power and flexibility.

We are open for cooperation with planners, architects, engineers, companies and financial institutions which enjoy your confidence as investor.